Friday, December 28, 2012

A slight Reflection of year 2012

Hi peeps! Look who's back here again to dust off the old, unattended blog!

It's undeniable that I'm pretty much in a holiday mode right now. It auto-switched on itself despite the fact that I still have to come to office today... Blogging in a workplace is just plain weird but whatever la. I'll just mark today as an exception free day in the office. I'll probably start my research work after Christmas *fingers crossed Actually, I feel kinda sad for neglecting my blog for almost the entire stretch of 2012.

There are in fact many reasons and excuses that have somehow stopped me from blogging all these while. Work is part of it. 

Nurturing young kids is definitely a challenging job for me. Having to work under strict rules and carrying huge responsibilities on kids' safety and their study performances are just simply overwhelming * smacks head.

Besides, while waiting to further my studies in Swin, I worked for one of the fitness centres in Kuching, Level Up. At that moment, I was really having a bad time management as I had to work literally everyday. 

I'm in the gym from Mon - Fri and on Sundays while on Saturdays, I have to teach for 9 hours. I'm not trying to brag or boast here but seriously, at that time of my life, I was really exhausted. 

To my relief, workload in the gym was not that heavy and it was pretty fun and memorable. But oh well, I can't run from the fact that I was dull and all upset as well as I don't have any spare time left for myself. When I reach home from work, my brain practically just died.  #likearobot

Nonetheless, I felt really happy and proud of myself for being able to work THAT hard.  :O haha! 

Anyway, here's a few photos that I captured during the year-end class party for my Grade 3 students, didn't took any with the older ones as they're all quite shy and reserved. :)

The naughty ones. 

Sweetie pies

There are times when I'm really angry and frustrated with their monstrous behaviours in the class, but I dont know why  I still wish to teach them again the next year!  

Take 2. Starting to get restless. -.- 

When I said: GIRLS! POSE FOR A PICTURE! They started showing their modelly postures haha!!. 

Meet Ian. The naughtiest student I've ever met. But I just dont know why I sayang him the most. lol.  

meet Bryan. He's only 8 but he knows all the countries in the world all ready. Exceptionally smart , young kid.  So proud of him! 

Here comes Irwin. the most mature boy in the class. he loves 100 plus alot that he can trade anything just to have the entire bottle all by himself! >.<

I remember that right after my work on the last teaching week in November, I was invited to Kenny's (owner of Level Up Fitness) birthday bash. It was his 3oth birthday celebration and we were all entertained with great music, games and of course FOOD! 

The happy couple. 

And Regina aka Ryan, the main spotlight of the party. I actually  made him pose for me. hahaha

Aside from work, I was pretty much occupied with my school work ever since I enrolled back for postgrads in July. I had to stay in the lab to do some bench work sometimes and any other spare time left, I have to discipline myself in doing theoritical research back in the newly- built office. 

Of course not to forget, hours and hours of time spent with my new circle of campus buddies! Okay, I'm just gonna be honest here. I used to be that #foreveralone person  back then in campus. As a matter of fact,  I don't really socialize much...-.- 

I'm one awkward person just in case you don't know. haha. I know I look like I have plenty of friends in uni but frankly speaking, they're all just acquaintances :( I'm quite a shy and reserved person at times. 

That's why my mom always finds it strange that I love performing on stage so much despite my total contradict personality. 

split personalities syndrome perhaps. creepy @@ Anyway, pictures of my new friends before I start to get all carried away by my own emotional thoughts. 
Meet Jenny. She's from UNIMAS. She's now doing her masters too in Swin, under the same supervisor as me. She's one of the most caring, equally awkward  person I ever met! 

Jessica, she''s my coursemate ever since 2008 but strange that we never really hang out with each other until today!. now that we found out how similar we are. creepy@.@ 
Jess and Jenny are now my colleagues, lunch partners and hang out buddies. i'm a happy soul now, generally. I guess they sort of  make my campus life more colorful than before. I'm no longer the forever alone girl in campus for now I guess. *muahahaaha kidding. gosh, dont get me wrong. i do have friends back then, just not that close :O

My Microbiology Section Research buddies. 

Not to forget John, my old pal who got back from Perth just for a short break. So glad that we both managed to catch up after so long ≧◡≦ 

All right, I guess that's all for now! Will be back again in 2013
Love from Panda and I(っ◕‿◕)っ♥

Monday, August 6, 2012

The True Meaning of Victory

Seriously love the environment here in the laboratory now. It's just me and my desktop (and of course some reading materials that I'm suppose to be concentrating on rather than blogging/wahaha). 

However, this condition ain't gonna last long as new semester are starting soon for those in degree studies and new postgrad students will start filling into this small little place as well.
Well, I spent my last Sunday in a pretty decent way. All I did was just hit the gym in the morning and the rest of day chilling and anticipating for the badminton finale match. I'm never a sports fanatic, seldom tune in sports channel but these days (could be due to influence from people around), I do keep myself update once a while about sports news especially this year's The Euro Cup and Olympics. 

By the way, does anyone out there fancy Trampoline? I find it fun lah. Toink toink up and down!! :)

Speaking of the match, I'm sure all Malaysians are now mourning in pain for our national hero, Dato' Lee Chong Wei. NOT because of his lost to Mr.Kosong but his heartache for not being able to win the gold medal for us. Seriously I can never imagine how am I going to handle all those pressure if I were in his shoes. 
Frankly speaking, I do find Lindan's skills outweigh LCW's . However, the plus point of LCW was that he's always keeping his mind calm and focus for the game whereas the other one constantly went all GAGA furious! The only time LCW actually expressed his feeling during the ongoing match was when he scored his points. (like below)

Hmm.. I personally do not find his lost as a LOST though. He's like a symbol of true victory as every Malaysians are touched by his willpower to win respect for his country. He might have lost the champion title in The Olympics but what matters most is his true sincerity to contribute for his nation. 

 He won the hearts of many...


DO YOU?/nobigdeal

By the way, Maria Sharapova is very pretty! However, she sure needs to tone down her squeaking noise each time she takes the hit, ey?  /sweat Okay enough about Olympics! 
I better get back to my reading *guilty face here

Playing : The Scientist- ColdPlay


Thursday, August 2, 2012

I'm back for more

Heylo there, everyone! (I'm not sure is there really ANYONE who even bother to look at this or not but anyway, hellooo~)

I'm so glad that I FINALLY take the initiative to post something after gazillion years of neglecting my blog. Truth is, I really miss blogging so so much.*sobs. Although these days twitter and instagram play a better role in my internet life, I still think blogging is way more fun and meaningful. Hence look who's back here in the blog-sphere once again :D

Anyway, I'm so glad that things are slowly falling into place in my life. If you're curious about my life for the past six months, I don't mind sharing it with ya'll but not at the moment as I have no access to my photos (currently in my workstation so no iPhone cable lah)  In words, I would say that  I was out there experiencing working life before I got myself back into the typical student lifestyle again. Will be back here soon with pictures and stuffs to share!


Thursday, December 29, 2011

say HO for holiday!

Hi peeps! Im back again in blogsphere :) 2011 has finally almost come to an end. hmm.. 2011 indeed has been really exciting and at the same time, challenging to me. All in all, I enjoyed this year a lot as I get to be involved in various events and activities that I've always wish that I could be in :) Well, there are indeed hard times when I struggle to keep myself from falling apart due to relationships.. friendship... studies and stuffs, but am glad I got over it and I shall declare them all as the past and looking forward to the very new year of 2012!! ^^

Since I've not been updating about my life here, I shall just post bits and pieces of photos that I captured all these while to recap what had I'd been up  to for the last couple of months till now ey ;)Asides from the charity pageant I participated the very beginning of this year, I am glad that I got to be involved in another charity event organised by Studio 23 especially for SWWS (Sarawak Women for Women Society). 

It was sort of like a dance musical theatre entitled " Dance Me A Story". I felt really glad that the event turned out to be very successful (cheers to Serina and the rest of the dancers involved). Boy was I impressed with all their hardworks and dedications! It's undeniably one of the highlights of my 2011 year as I get to do what I like most (which is dancing!though am just an average dancer la :P) and at the same time, contributing to the charity! Besides, I managed to learn how to work as a team, make more new friends, and also not to forget, improving my dancing skills! ^^ 
Credits to Zelt for the candid shots. For the first time I did not appear horrible in candids. It's something rare ya noe :S 

erm.. Actually, I didn't know I can act till I got involved in the Water Princess team!!

 MEHHH. Just kidding. by the way, that's Jennifer on the left and Debbie on the right. Charming, aren't they? 

I know I look like Im doing some "Thriller" moves there.
Just not as professional as the one below: 

 Overall, the event was spectacular and one of the most exciting event I ever participate in so far. Definitely yearning for more to come in year 2013! Teehee*

The best part is my water princess role still continue not long after DMAS as I was called to joined the studio      in performing for UMW company's annual dinner! 

Me & the Savannah Princesses :)
With Serena, the owner of Studio23 and also a dedicated dancer that I look up to :)

 and before I officially buried myself in books for my very last paper in my degree studies, I joined the studio's annual dinner as well. 

 AND! Managed to get my lazy a** to work for SenQ grand opening ceremony at somewhere around 6 mile. 
Super love my hair-do and eye makeup that particular day.  Hence, picture bomb in the car! 

Together with the cute one ^^

Finally towards the mid of December, my stress had finally come to an end  right after I completed my last exam on the 14th. Off I went for a family trip in KL! 

Aites, that's it for now. Will blog more about my KL trip soon. Till then peeps! 


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In case you’ve all forgotten about the existence of this blog spot, here I am  to refresh your memory J Well, like usual, the urge of expressing whatever thoughts in my mind is always there. BUT! Compiling them into a post requires time and effort, which I haven’t been able to spare much lately. Hah!

On the past few weeks, I’ve been dealing with my schoolwork. The whole progress of lab work for final year project was tiring, both mentally and physically (the physical part was durable, and somehow helped in shredding those unnecessary pounds away. bleah.) BUT… as for the overloading mental stress, it was kinda sickening -.-

 If you happened to bump on me in campus for the last few weeks, I'm probably looking like those pups below. Many times, my experiment did not yield the results that I aim for, leaving me feeling Oh-so-discouraged. 
Y LIKE THAT? I thought I'm following the exact procedure already? :O

BUT!! there are times too, when I managed to get some results (very rare though -.-)
Notheless, now I'm officially done with the experiment part and moving on to writing a report about it. 

AND to my relief, there's  Google to assist me with the writing part.  heh. 

Also, thanks to my good friend, Corina, I managed to work part-time for The Bedroom during their opening ceremony. Easy job, reasonable pay :) 

And... not to forget, tasty pastries from Lof's (eat as much as you can for staffs! ) 

Alright, enough bout the works. BLEAH. 

Now, now. Meet the cutest Baby ever, with the coolest spiky hair here!
 That's baby Zachariah by the way. No doubt that cute one can easily ease my stresses away! 

and urhm.. Aside from that, there's another cute little "thang" that caught my bigbig attention lor. 
They are TINY AND THEY ARE BLUE. kekekke*

 Check out My cute Smurfies doing their work there. Ain't they adorable?

Since its quite a long post, needa BAHULU BREAK???

ok ignore me. anyhoo!!! There's one morning right, while I happened to take the lift up, I saw a really awesome hair-do :

No offence lah ok. But I seriously think its cool. Somehow they look like sharp knives tangling around her head. Hmm.. I think I've shared it on twitter before. 

Vanity strikes again! HOALAAAAAAA
Although I’ve not been sharing any of my thoughts or progresses right here in blog sphere, I did resort to twitter ( at least not a diary or journal- ever thought of that actually, but not used to it. Zaman moden d bahhh )

 hmm.. this is taken when I was on the way to my relative's wedding dinner. 

The one and only dish I captured, cause apparently its the only one that taste great there -.-

Also, about a month ago, Phil, Sheila, Steven and I went for a road trip all the way to Serikin rural area during the weekend for a joyride. And! we managed to stop by at a Minizoo for a short visit. 
Although the weather was scorching hot, we all somehow had fun there. 

eg, throwing pebbles at porcupines just to see their reactions, talking to strange-looking birds that ACTUALLY RESPONDED, wtf. 

and.. worst of all, 

Trying to persuade the peacock to show off its feathers by tempting it with a 50-dollar-notes!!! 
Welll, that guy is heck of a funny one! hahaha 

 hmm... recently my obsession over Natural organic products are back again. phooh...

 the sweets are yummilicious, trust me. and the bread as well. heheee 
I wish i can have this nail color! AM so into nude colors these days! 

ABut! I dont mind this type of blue as well. I mean on my toes lah! I give up putting any colors on my fingernails d as they're way too short for any grooming -___________-

Gee... I think am gonna have an abrupt ending for this time as I need to pee badly- not a good reason. heh. 
Anyway, till then my darlings!!

Listening to: Aqueous Transmission - Incubus. 

Jules , with loves!